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SaturnBio: FDA Regulated and HIPAA Compliant Plasma Donation Facility

SaturnBio operates under the strictest HIPAA and FDA guidelines for patients’ confidentiality and safety. Our plasma donation facilities, trained donor recruiters and well-managed manufacturing center put us in a position to ensure high-quality products to our customers. An addition to being FDA regulated, SaturnBio is also licensed by CLIA, which places us among the credible plasma donation centers in the US.

Becoming a Plasma Donor: Various uses of your plasma

The plasma donated by a plasma donor is used to meet different diagnostic and therapeutic requirements of the plasma industry including –

  • Treat patients with cancer, leukemia and other diseases
  • FDA Research and diagnostic development
  • Bone marrow transplants
  • Clotting factors for hemophilia patients

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SaturnBio welcomes the opportunity to discuss our human blood donation programs in detail. For assistance, dial (317) 786-4470, or fill our Contact Us form, present in the contact us section of our website.

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