COVID 19 Donors $200 Per Donation

******** NEW COVID 19 Plasma FEES!! $200 PER DONATION  ******

We are currently accepting post-COVID patients to participate for research.  Donors are compensated $200 per donation for their first 3 donations of the month and $300 for the 4th donation then the cycle repeats again.  Titer requirement is 50iu/ml, staff will monitor your titer and will advise you when you no longer qualify for the COVID 19 program.

Call to learn more 317-786-4470 to enroll to participate

  • Must be HIV/HCV &HBV Negative
  • Must be 18-65 years in age and weight at least 110 pounds or more
Diabetic Whole Blood Donors Needed!!! 
We are looking for patients with Type I or Type II diabetes to donate blood to help others. Current need for this program is all races *except African American (* only due to Sickle Cell Anemia trait).  Participants are compensated $100 per draw and can donate every 8 weeks/56 days and the draw only takes about 1hr.   Call today to schedule your appointment!

Call 800-510-4003

***  CALL TODAY 800-510-4004  ***

Draws are on Monday’s, Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s

Basic Qualifications for this Study Include:-

* A1c @ 7% or higher, On Insulin or Oral medications

* Must be HIV/HCV/HBV Negative
* Ages 18-65 and Weigh at least 110 pounds or more