COVID 19 Donors $200 Per Donation

******** NEW COVID 19 Plasma FEES!! $200 PER DONATION  ******

We are currently accepting post-COVID patients to participate for research.  Donors are paid $200 each donation and you can donate 2x per week, $1600 per month –Call today to schedule your appointment.  Earn $300 per donation on your 6th, 7th and 8th donation in a 30 day period.

Call to learn more 317-786-4470 to enroll to participate

  • Must be HIV/HCV &HBV Negative
  • Must be 18-65 years in age and weight at least 110 pounds or more
Were you a prior COVID-19 Donor and were dropped because your antibodies got too low?  We have GREAT News, we have a new program for you!!! You just need to still be positive for COVID-19, Titer requirements must be at 30 or higher we will monitor your antibody levels and you can continue to donate as long as you maintain a titer of 30 or higher.  When your titer drops you will be moved back into “normal” plasma donor status and will be advised by the staff on your status.
Please call us to schedule your appointment & physical to be re-enrolled into the program. Payments are $200 per donation and you can donate 2x per week every week as long as you remain positive earn $1600 a month .  More incentives to come too!!
Call today!! 317-786-4470
Diabetic Whole Blood Donors Needed!!! 
We are looking for patients with Type I or Type II diabetes to donate blood to help others. This program will begin Monday June 15th! . Participants will donate blood and will be compensated $100 per visit. Also looking for insulin dependent diabetics for this study.

Call 800-510-4003

*** Draws to start Monday June 15th, CALL TODAY 800-510-4004  ***

Draws are on Monday’s, Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s

Basic Qualifications for this Study Include:-

* A1c @ 7% or higher, On Insulin or Oral medications

* Must be HIV/HCV/HBV Negative
* Ages 18-65 and Weigh at least 110 pounds or more