New Donor Fees & New Diabetic Program

******** NEW Diabetic Whole Blood Program Type I/II-$100 per donation  ******

We’re currently looking for patients who have Type I/II Diabetes with an A1C of 10.1% or higher to donate blood for diagnostic and pharmaceutical research and to help others with Diabetes. Donors will be compensated $100 per donation for their participation in the program.

Donating blood is a selfless way to help others!

Requirements: – Must be negative for HIV/HCV and HBV – Must have an A1C at or higher than 10.1% – Must be 18-65 years old

This is a HIPAA compliant, FDA-approved program. Call 800-510-4003 or visit to inquire.

**** New Pay Structure for donor fees ****

Normal Source Donors

1st 100   2nd 150  3rd 100 then all other donations are 50/donation.  If you donate 7 times in a calendar month you get a $20 bonus on the 7th donation.

If we screen your plasma and you are a male with AB blood type you will be paid extra!!

Male AB  60 per donation  with a $30 7th donation bonus in a calendar month.