New Donor Fees

***** New Pay Structure for donor fees ****

Normal Source Donors

1st 100   2nd 150  3rd 100 then all other donations are 50/donation.  If you donate 7 times in a calendar month you get a $20 bonus on the 7th donation.

If we screen your plasma and you are a male with AB blood type you will be paid extra!!

$60 1st donation of every week.

$120 2nd donation of every week.

$30 BONUS on 8th donation of a calendar month.

*** Male Plasma Donors with AB Blood Also Needed ***

Are you are a male with Type AB blood and living in the Indianapolis area? Your plasma is urgently needed! Eligible donors can earn up to $1000/month for donating! Male AB plasma is used in cancer therapies. (Female plasma contains proteins that are not suitable for this type of patient treatment.)
Donate plasma and help save a life!
Send us a message or call 317-786-4470.